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Partner Aerial Acrobatics Spring Sessions

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Social distancing is officially cancelled in this aerial hoop and silk intensive! In four 2-and-a-half-hour sessions, you’ll build trust and confidence in partner aerial acrobatics through two-person conditioning drills and stretches, practice two unique methods for hoisting humans on the silks, learn a complete three-person chandelyra routine, and celebrate it all with aerial champagne pours. Chalk, wrist tape, and bubbly beverages provided. +600 XP Students with a current lesson package save $40 with discount code AERIALOGIST


  • Grip strength 50 lbs +
  • Tuck Mount on lyra
  • Knee Hang 20 seconds
  • Crossback Straddle on silks
  • Double Footlocks in the air (Figure 8 or Dancer’s)


  1. Thursday, AprilĀ  27, 6pm-8:30pm – REQUIRED
    • group warmup
    • prerequisite testing
    • introduction to silks porting
    • chandelyra choreography part 1
    • partner stretching
  2. Thursday, May 4, 6pm-8:30pm
    • group warmup
    • partner conditioning drills
    • silks porting method 2 flow
    • chandelyra choreography part 2
    • cooldown
  3. Thursday, May 11, 6pm-8:30pm
    • group warmup
    • partner conditioning drills
    • silks porting method 1 flow
    • chandelyra choreography part 3
    • partner stretching
  4. Thursday, May 25, 6pm-8:30pm – DRESS-UP DAY
    • group warmup
    • film silks porting flows
    • film chandelyra routine
    • aerial bartending (serve and be served champagne or sparkling water)
    • foam rolling

Currently Unavailable

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