PRIDE Summerfest 2015

You feeling the love?

We certainly were – and of course still are – at last years PRIDE Summerfest, the biggest, queerest party of them all for all of the people of Bloomington, no matter where you fall on – or off – of the spectrum. Last year’s celebration was certainly not lacking in smiles and color (lots of color, you gotta love those rainbows) or aerialists, as Aerialogy brought the heat (literally and figuratively) in a few stunning performances done by our aerial babes. Who doesn’t love a good Summerfest? From games to music to food to performances, it’s always a good time. Come for the love, stay for the sheer awesomeness of the event.

Whether you’re coming out (get it? Sorry.) to get a rainbow painted on your cheek, or just to wander around and admire the beauty and the gay, the PRIDE Summerfest is the perfect way to spend a day. There’s something for everyone young and old; and who doesn’t enjoy block parties? It’s one of our favorite ways to celebrate all things LGBTQ+ with our loving community and say goodbye to a summer well spent. (And no, you don’t have to be queer to come; we love our allies.)

Did you miss it last year? No worries, because the party doesn’t end there! We had such a good time, we’re going back. You can see our fabulous Aerialogists perform to the queerest music around on Saturday, August 27. What can we say, we love love! Bring your whole family and stay for the day; you’ll love it, we know we do.