Course Descriptions

Adult Aerials (ages 13+)

You’re never too old to run away with the circus! Get ready for an amazing total body workout that builds lean muscle, strength, flexibility, agility and confidence.

Aerial Silks 1

This class is for first time and beginner participants (ages 13 and up), though seasoned flyers are welcome to join in and refine their fundamental aerial skills. Students will master multiple types of footlocks, inversions, spins and methods of climbing during this 75 minute session.

Aerial Silks 2

This class is directed toward experienced participants (ages 13 and up) with a current mastery of footlocks, inversions, and climbs. Students will practice hip key moves, spins, drops, splits and other seriously rad stuff. Prerequisites: Level 1 Star chart completed or instructor permission.

Aerial Silks 3

Work hard, play hard! Combine conditioning and endurance training with thrilling drops and spins in this advanced class. Prerequisites: Level 2 Star Chart completed or instructor permission.

Aerial Yoga

This aerial yoga class focuses on vinyasa flow, strengthening poses, and deep stretching, all incorporating beautiful aerial fabric. You will sweat! For yogis, aerialists, and anyone looking for a fun, challenging workout. Ages 13 and up.



Learn the art of the aerial hoop, from foundational moves and basic inversions to tricks under, in, and above the hoop. Practice transitions, progressions, and even duo moves.


Tip that lyra on it’s side and practice partner acrobatics, mounts, spanset work, and the art of making lovely shapes on chandelyra. Tricks will be taught under, on, and above the bar. Ages 13 and up.

Youth Aerials (ages 6 – 12)


Aerial Silks is an amazing way for kids to gain confidence while building strength, flexibility, and agility. Aerialogy uses equipment specifically designed to accommodate younger aerialists, and our staff specializes in helping kids develop body awareness and learn to trust in themselves.

Youth Aerials

This class is for kids of all ability levels (ages 6 to 12). Students will use progressive training methods on aerial silks to master multiple types of footlocks, inversions, spins and climbing techniques.


Flippin’ Friday

Twice during each 6-week session, parents can enjoy a night out while kids get a night of fun and flipping at Stage Flight! Pizza dinner will be provided! 

Humans of all ages and fitness levels are capable of dabbling in aerial arts. Contact us directly for private instruction or join Aerialogy classes at Stage Flight Circus Arts in Bloomington, Indiana.