Studio Rules

  1. No falling.
  2. No rosin. Permissible grip aids include chalk, dry hands, and athletic tape.
  3. Dress appropriately to prevent accidents and embarrassment.
    • Long, non-slippery leggings that are tight around the ankles and a leotard or workout shirt long enough to stay tucked in will prevent fabric burns. Consider an aerial training jumpsuit or leggings from (use code AERIALOGY for 15% off).
    • Assure clothing is free of zippers or metals that could tear fabric or mats.
    • Metal accessories any kind are not permitted, including wedding rings, earrings, and watches.
    • Remove shoes before using mats and aerial equipment.
    • If you wear glasses, use a sports strap to keep them secure.
    • Long hair should be pulled back.
  4. Deodorant is a requirement as a courtesy to other participants, and antiperspirant is preferred as it protects the silks.
  5. BYO water bottle and yoga mat.
  6. No gum or food is permitted in the studio.
  7. Stay clear of equipment while in use by others. Wait to approach equipment until other clients have finished.
  8. Complete a waiver in advance. Students under 18 must be waived by a parent or legal guardian before participating.
  9. All one-on-one interactions between an adult and a minor athlete must be observable and interruptible.
  10. Notify your instructor of any changes to your health or medications even if you do not think it may impact your ability to participate in class.
  11. See something that seems off? Immediately notify your instructor of any concerns.