How to Navigate Aerialogy Space-Time

Welcome to the Academy. It’s a virtual universe many years in the making, and it comes with plenty of quirky, metaphorical terminology. You’ll catch on in no time.

Star Charts? Gold Stars? What is going on here?

Welcome to an aerial learning experience using data visualization & gamified learning.

Get to the Points

The Academy runs on XP (Experience Points) and Gold Stars (in-game currency). Also a little bit of circus magic.


Experience Points correlate to the number of movement minutes on record for each Academy member. For example, when you take a private lesson and spend 75 minutes of time training, you earn 75XP. Track your XP in your Profile, and feel your confidence grow

Gold Stars

There are lots of ways to earn this in-game currency. Every skill approved by an instructor is +1 Gold Star. Completing activities like Circus Bingo, Post-Training Check Ins, and the Spelling Game will also score you Stars. And Aerialogists earn 5-25 Gold Stars automatically each month just for being members.


So what can you do with all those Gold Stars? Exchange them for rewards, of course!

Virtual Rewards
All membership levels can earn Stickers and Academy “NFTs”.

Downloadable Rewards
Printables and Screen Savers are available to Star Gazer and Aerialogist members.

Top-Tier Rewards
Physical merch like water bottles, pins, and apparel is exclusively available to Aerialogist members.

Star Charts

Star Charts are an interactive, taxonomy-based library of aerial skills available to Aerialogist and Aerialogist+ members. Learn more here.

One of the original-founders of Aerialogy, Laura is a web designer by day. Her projects are heavily informed by her undergraduate studies in Visual Communications and graduate studies in Library and Information Science, and this aerial skill chart is no exception.

The Academy is not meant to be comprehensive aerial training, but to complement existing resources.

Want to create a constellation for another aerial apparatus or add to our growing star charts? We love learning and collaborating – reach out!


Save any aerial skill or ground activity to a Deck to create custom workouts and aerial routines. Decks can be private, just between you and your instructor, or you can share them with the Community.

Aerial Skill Badges

Earned when an aerial skill is performed and instructor-approved three times.

Constellation Badges

Master all the Aerial Skills in a given category (aka Constellation), and you’ll earn a coveted badge.

Orbit Levels

Orbits indicate the furthest level of skills completed.

Orbit Progress Maps

Aerial Silks (coming soon)

Chandelyra (coming soon)


Wait, there are no notifications? I can’t “friend” or private message anyone? Nope, we’re all friends here – that’s the point. Plus, we have enough notifications in our lives. Check in if you’re curious what we’re up to and want to get involved.

Follow the 10 Simple Rules of our Code of Conduct. Zero tolerance for effing this up. If you create an account, you agree to the Aerialogy Terms & Conditions. You’re on Academy turf now, baby. Don’t kill the vibe.