Your Aerialogists

Senora Loop

Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop Instructor

Senora is a compassionate, energetic teacher and performer with a background in therapeutic exploration as well as ample experience working with children and animals. She most passionately believes in having students ponder and reevaluate the concept of “possible” with the hope that aerial training will teach students to defy pessimistic and “grounded” mentalities. Senora strongly advocates the use of fitness and aerial training for improving physical and mental well-being.

Senora has trained locally as well as with world-renowned aerial duo, Womack and Bowman, in California. This siren has stunned in several performances, such as the Aerialogy Winter Showcase, Indy 500 Snake Pit After Party, Pride Summerfest 2016, and Lotus World Music and Arts Festival 2016.

Carolyn Osborne

Aerial Silks Instructor

Carolyn first discovered aerial silks through fellow Aerialogist and friend, Aimee Polk. Carolyn’s experience as a rock climber translated well to her new gravity-defying hobby and helped to catapult her aerial skills to new levels. After making aerial training an everyday part of her life, she became an official Aerialogy instructor in 2015. Carolyn hopes to spread her love for aerial silks to others by creating a physically challenging, yet fun and optimistic learning atmosphere.

Even with aerial silks as her apparatus of choice, Carolyn’s love of aerial arts has driven her to explore various other outlets, such as aerial hoop (lyra), AcroYoga, and pole fitness. You will rarely find this girl on the ground!

In addition to her amazing solo acts, you can often find Carolyn performing doubles and triples silks routines. She has performed at various festivals, including Hyperion Music & Arts Festival 2015, Pride Summerfest 2015, Pride Summerfest 2016, and Lotus World Music and Arts Festival 2016.

Laura Pence

Owner, Aerial Silks and Aerial Yoga Instructor
Fifteen years of power yoga were the perfect prelude to aerials for Laura, who eagerly launched her strength and flexibility off of the yoga mat and into the air. She has trained, taught, and performed from coast to coast, from L.A. to Philadelphia.

Laura loves to share the thrill of flying and builds her classes around flow and endurance. One of her passions is synthesizing vinyasa flow, power yoga, and silks into a seamless, high-intensity workout. She dares you to try it!

Aimee Polk

Aerialogy Co-founder, Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop Instructor

A long-time movement lover, Aimee discovered and fell in love with aerial arts in 2013. She has been practicing aerial silks, aerial hoop (lyra), trapeze, and AcroYoga ever since. Since becoming an aerial silks instructor in 2014, Aimee has dedicated her spare time to inspiring Aerialogy students and igniting their passion for aerials through building strength, flexibility, creativity, and confidence. Aimee aims to offer a complete, well-rounded class to anyone ready to elevate their fitness to new heights.

Having trained with High Flyers, Flight Club Fitness, Wild Orchid Aerial Fitness and Dance, and talented aerialists and acrobats from such places as Turner’s Circus, Bella Forza, NECCA, Aerial Athlete, and numerous AcroYoga specialists from around the country, Aimee continues to work on improving her skills and teaching abilities by regularly traveling and training.

Aimee has performed at a variety of venues, such as Old National Centre, The Vogue, Waldron Arts Center, Buskirk Chumley Theater, Evo, Serendipity, and various festivals such as Hyperion Music Festival.

Autumn Siney

Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop Instructor

Autumn climbed up a ladder to a flying trapeze at the age of five and never came back down! She started her studies in aerial silks at age twelve, and has since dedicated her time to cultivating a number of captivating circus skills that leave audiences astonished.

Autumn has had years of intensive training with Flight Club Fitness and High Flyers Family Circus, as well as a period of time at Wild Orchid Aerial Fitness and Dance in Bloomington, Indiana. She has also attended various training workshops throughout the country, including the Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival in Denver, CO, the prestigious New England Center for Circus Arts, and Circus Smirkus in Vermont.

Autumn works with many circus apparatuses some of which are aerial silks, aerial hoop (lyra), flying trapeze, and pole. Dual-handed in the flow arts, Autumn loves to teach and practice poi, levitation wand, and juggling.