Halloween 2022 Student Showcase

Step right up!

Welcome to Aerialogy’s first-ever virtual student showcase! This is a free event, available to stream from October 31 through December 31, 2022. Performers selected their own music, choreographed their own routines, designed their own costumes, and chose their silk and lighting colors. Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and beautiful creations. We hope you enjoy the show!

New this week:


Move On by Garden City Movement


Rises the Moon by Liana Flores


Walk a Little Faster by Fiona Apple


Dreamin’ & Rollin’ (ShBoom + Shake, Rattle n Roll Mashup)


Welcome to the Madhouse by Tones and I


Only You by Portishead


Coraline by Patrick Bennett


Something Wild by Lindsey Stirling

All performers will receive a limited Halloween 2022 NFT. Participating in the 2022 Halloween Showcase is the only way to score this rare sticker for your Aerialogy Academy sticker book.

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